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AC HVAC preparation checklist

Pre-Spring AC and HVAC Preparation Checklist

We’re nearing the end of the winter period, and for homeowners throughout Utah, this means it’s almost time for an important transition. The move from winter into the spring and summer seasons means your HVAC system will switch from heating to cooling, and ensuring the entire system is ready for this transition is vital.At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we offer a variety of furnace and air conditioning tune-up services, the type that are perfect for these transitional seasons during a given year. In addition to these, here are several basic areas we recommend you keep a careful eye on as you prepare your system for the spring, ensuring your air conditioner and other vital HVAC components are in great shape as the temperatures change.

Cleaning Areas

For starters, there are two major cleaning areas to perform before spring hits:
  • Outside unit: Many homeowners take good care of the interior elements of their HVAC system, but neglect the vital unit outside the home. This is the AC condenser, the one in charge of cycling out warm air and providing cool air during the summer – you should take the time to clean off all dirt, debris, branches, leaves or other items from this area. This will prevent costly maintenance on this unit that may arise due to built-up deposits, which can slow the unit down and damage it.
  • Air ducts: It’s also vital to clean your air ducts and visible vent areas of all dust and debris, allowing the system to work without any strain or air loss.

Changing Filter

HVAC filters should be changed regularly throughout the year, including during the winter-to-spring transition if they have not been swapped out recently. Filters that are left too long will build up significant blockages and clogs, slowing the passage of air through the system and raising your monthly energy bill. In the process, they will also diminish your air quality.

Test Run

Chances are, your air conditioning system has been completely unused for most or all of the previous winter. Take the time to switch the system to cool and run it for around 30 minutes – check in individual rooms to ensure cooling is taking place, and listen/look for any issues that may come up. If you’re scheduling professional maintenance, be sure to mention any such issues to your HVAC expert.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Finally, as we noted above, there are few better ways to guarantee the quality of your AC and HVAC system headed into spring and summer than to hire our pros for a quick, affordable tune-up. We’ll inspect and clean basic elements of the system, plus check for minor issues that have arisen over time to ensure your unit is in tip-top shape headed into cooling season.For more on pre-spring HVAC tips to consider in your home, or to learn about any of our heating and cooling services, speak to the staff at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.
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