Utah Energy Savings, Tax Credits & Rebates

Airtime sells and installs the most energy efficient ENERGY STAR rated heating and cooling equipment that saves you money on your utility bills every month!

Our furnaces are up to 98% efficient, meaning that they convert up to 98% of the natural gas to heat. Compared to the average furnace which is only 70-80% efficient, this means more heat for less cost.

Our cooling systems are rated at up to 19 SEER efficiency (the highest in the industry), compared to the average cooling system that is 10 years old or older that is rated at only 10 SEER. This means more cool air is produced using fewer watts of electricity.

Call us today and let us give you a free quote and explain just how much money we can save you each month.

Energy Tax Credits and Rebates

Because our equipment is ENERGY STAR rated, we can save you thousands or dollars with state, federal and Questar rebates and tax credits. Not to mention lowering your utility bills every month!

Right now you have 3 ways to SAVE big when you install qualifying Energy Star equipment from Airtime:

  1. Up to $400 rebate from Questar
  2. Up to $200 rebate from Rocky Mountain Power
  3. Dealer rebates up to $1,250
  4. Federal Tax Credit of $150 for 2013

HVAC Services & Repair



Comprehensive AC or
Furnace Tune-up

Saves energy and keeps your cooling or heating system running safely and reliably.


Installation is the one of the most crucial steps to achieving an efficient HVAC system.
Get the right team to do it.

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