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Fall Heating Maintenance Tips

It’s fall time, and that means we’re just a couple short months away from winter. With the cold getting ready to approach, making sure your home’s heating system is up to speed and working properly is a vital consideration.We’re here to help at Airtime Heating & Cooling, where our heating and air technicians are happy to come and check your system for yearly maintenance. In the meantime, here are a few other areas you can check out yourself to make sure your system is running optimally.

Air Filters

Dirty air filters can present two issues: First, they create dust and other air issues that can complicate allergies and asthma while causing other health concerns. Second, they significantly reduce the system’s efficiency and capacity – this will decrease your comfort in the home while simultaneously increasing your monthly energy costs.

Air Ducts

Be sure to listen to your air ducts, and also feel for any air escaping from ducts in places it shouldn’t. This could signal that ducts are not airtight, and might need some basic maintenance to make sure they’re not losing vital efficiency.

Vents and Airways

All vents should be clear of any dust or pet hair, blockers that might decrease the capacity. If you have radiators or baseboard heating, remember that any furniture in front of these elements can block the path of heat and stop it from circulating properly around the room.


Check the thermostat itself to ensure that it’s performing properly. Make sure it’s actually creating the temperature you set it to, and consider a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one – these are both more effective and will help you save energy each month.

Preventive Checks

Finally, having a professional inspection and tune-up done at least once a year is vital for your HVAC system. Our technicians can make sure your system is clean and all parts are operating at their peak efficiency, and we can detect minor issues before they turn into major ones.For more information on pre-winter heating considerations, or to find out about any of our other HVAC services, contact the pros at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.

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High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation
(801) 572-1900 High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation