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HVAC warranties

Understanding and Applying HVAC Warranties

There are many product and amenity areas where warranties are an element to consider, and the HVAC world is a great example. Certain elements involved in your HVAC system, including furnaces, air conditioner units, water heaters and others, are high-value items that are expected to work for many years, and will often come with warranty protections of some kind. At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we’re happy to explain any and all warranties offered on our various AC and heater installations, plus any other components you may need. Let’s go over a few things that are important to know about HVAC warranties – the types out there that might be presented to you, plus some important clarifying questions to ask to make sure everything is kosher as you move forward.

Different Warranty Types

Not all warranties are created equal in the HVAC world, and not all are even termed in the same ways either. Here are some broad warranty types to consider:
  • Guarantee: Generally provided by manufacturers, this is less a warranty and more a promise that covers previous equipment and manufacturing processes. Essentially, it guarantees that everything was made properly and will function as expected, with no additional charge to you as a customer. If this guarantee is not met, a free exchange is usually allowed.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Unlike a guarantee, this is a specific legal document provided by the manufacturer that states a few specific things. For one, it identifies a period of time the warranty extends for. From here, it states that certain faulty parts or products will be covered during this period of time, with specifics on which kinds of damage are covered (some warranties will cover user error while others won’t, for instance).
  • Labor warranty: In some cases, HVAC companies like ours will offer labor warranties that cover system installations and any resulting issues.
  • Extended warranty: Sometimes available from either manufacturers or installers, an extended warranty provides additional protection, usually for an extra cost.

Areas to Consider

As we noted above, not all warranties are created equal when it comes to HVAC materials – they can differ between areas, components and even manufacturers. Our HVAC installation technicians are happy to answer any questions you have on warranties, which can often make the difference in which product you select and which you discard. Here are some areas to consider asking about:
  • Sold home: If you happen to sell your home during the life of a warranty, what will happen to the warranty? Will it transfer to new owners?
  • Invalidation: Are there any behaviors or events I need to avoid that might invalidate or void my warranty?
  • Lifetime warranty: This is a term used by some manufacturers, but it can be misleading in some cases. Does “lifetime” refer to the person buying the part, the part itself, the home, or what? Ask for specifics here if this kind of warranty is being offered.
  • Warranty access: If something does go wrong that’s covered by a warranty, how easy is it to utilize the warranty quickly and efficiently?
For more on HVAC warranties, or to learn about any of our heating and air services, speak to the staff at Air Time Heating & Cooling today.
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