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Tips for High Winter Air Quality

The winter is here, and that means that some of our typical avenues for freshening up the air in our homes are either removed or heavily restricted. It’s not as easy to just open a window or door for a few hours and let some fresh air in, at least not without causing huge increases to your heating bill based on heat escaping the home.At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we’re here to help with this and other HVAC-related areas this winter. We can help you with everything from properly sealing your structure to helpful tips for indoor air quality, including our whole-home solutions. Here are some basic pieces of advice we can offer on keeping the air quality in your home high over the winter despite fewer avenues for fresh outdoor air.

Vents and Registers

All air that makes its way to you in the home will pass through your vents and registers within the HVAC system, so caring for these areas is very important. Without attention, vents and registers will build up dust over the course of the year, which in turn makes your air tougher to breathe.Luckily, preventing this is easy. Just use the wand attachment on your vacuum, or even a traditional duster attachment, to reach to these areas and cut down on dust flowing around your home’s air.


Another element your air will pass through before reaching you is the filter in your furnace. You should be taking care to check and replace filters throughout the year, to be sure, but this job just takes on increased importance during the winter when there are fewer paths to fresh air in the home. If you have pets, you should be changing your filters even more often than the factory recommendations state.

Thermostat Fan

As long as you have updated filters in your furnace, running the fan on your thermostat is a great way to cycle air and clean it out. The fan will automatically run during heating cycles, but you can turn it from “Auto” to “On” and cause it to run all the time. This will continuously run the home’s air through the filter and make it cleaner – but it will also raise your utility bill, so use this tactic sparingly.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Another common area for dust accumulation is on ceiling fans, so you should clean these regularly during winter. In addition, consider flipping the direction of the ceiling fan in winter so the blades move clockwise – this will create an updraft that helps with warming.

Duct Cleaning

The worst dust and allergen buildups in the HVAC system often take place in the duct system, where it can be tough to reach on your own or even see in many cases. If you think this might be an issue in your home, talk to us about professional duct cleaning.

Air Filtration

Finally, consider a whole-home indoor air quality machine like our “Clean Effects” device from Trane. Not only does this technology clean all contaminants from your air, it also helps with humidity control as well. If you have consistent air quality issues, this is a great outlet to consider.For more on keeping indoor air quality high during winter, or to learn about any of our HVAC services, speak to the pros at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.
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