Red Flags Indicating Home Furnace Issues, Part 1

Red Flags Indicating Home Furnace Issues, Part 1

As we move through the fall and quickly approach the colder Utah winter, homeowners around the state are paying a little more attention to their furnaces. In charge of providing heat throughout the winter, your furnace is one of the most important single HVAC components in your home.

At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we’re happy to provide a variety of furnace services, including furnace repair and replacement for any home where your furnace is having issues leading into this season. As the fall offers a great chance to observe your furnace in action, what are some  of the common signs that the furnace might be having problems our pros will need to address? This two-part blog will dig into a number of red flags to keep an eye on.

Cold Spots

One of the first available signs of a defective furnace will be cold spots or uneven heating found in various areas of the home. Certain rooms do just fine, or even perhaps get hotter than needed, while others remain far too cool.

In many cases, you’ll notice that the cool rooms are those furthest from the actual furnace. In these cases, you might actually be dealing with duct issues that are preventing air from reaching every area of the home. In either case, call our pros for basic remedies.

Strange Odors

In other situations, your first sign of a furnace problem will actually be detected by your nose. One smell that might become noticeable is fuel, especially if you utilize a gas-powered furnace. You might also smell a burning odor or some other kind of poor smell that doesn’t go away for days or weeks at a time and clearly originates from the furnace.

This may signal several issues, from dust concerns to gas leaks and more. Our team can easily assess the problem.

Spiking Energy Bill

Even if you don’t notice specific comfort signs of a failing furnace, you might pick it up on your energy bill. In particular, have you noticed fall months like October and November showing far higher heating bills than previous years? This is often a sign that something inefficient is taking place in the furnace.

Weird Sounds

Has your heating system begun making loud noises you aren’t familiar with while in use? Some of the most common here are clanging, banging, hissing or clicking, but there also might be others that don’t quite meet any of these descriptions. In all such cases, contact our HVAC pros right away to determine the source of the sound and repair any issues.


If your furnace is 18 years old or older, you'll definitely want it inspected for safety against carbon monoxide leaks. Airtime can inspect the furnace heat exchanger via camera to seek out potential carbon monoxide hazards.

For more on how to spot potential signs of furnace issues, or to learn about any of our heating or cooling services, speak to the staff at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.