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Limiting Fall and Winter Allergy Risks Through HVAC Services

For those who suffer from allergies, whether seasonal or on a year-round basis, indoor air quality is a vital concern. Allergies can be triggered by a number of different particle types, and homes with poor air quality tend to contain far more risks for exacerbating allergies than those with air quality systems in place. At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we offer fantastic indoor air quality products from Aprilaire and Trane to help keep your home’s air clean and healthy for all occupants, particularly those with allergies. With fall in full swing, let’s look at some of the seasonal allergies that may show up during this period or the upcoming winter, plus some general tactics you can utilize to ensure you don’t have any long-term issues at play here.

Common Seasonal Allergies

The most common individual fall seasonal allergy is ragweed, which can travel all over the country through wind currents that pick it up and move it around. Ragweed causes eye and lung irritation symptoms, and is generally felt by those who also suffer from spring allergies as well. In addition, mold is a common allergy trigger that often tends to show up in greater quantities during the fall period. This is because as temperatures get colder, moisture and humidity often increase, which improves the conditions for mold to grow in. Another factor here is leaves piling up around the home, restricting air, holding in water and generally increasing the risk of mold forming.

HVAC Maintenance

There are several distinct strategies you can take to benefit your home’s air quality while also increasing HVAC efficiency:
  • Cleaning: Take time to clean dust, dirt and other debris off every area of the HVAC system, including the outdoor AC condenser. Dust is another common allergy trigger, but one you can significantly reduce within your home through basic cleaning.
  • Ducts: Another area to clean is the ducts within your HVAC system, which can also become dusty. You likely won’t be able to clean the entire duct system on your own, but our HVAC pros are happy to help.
  • Home cleanliness: Even areas like raking leaves, vacuuming dirt and other household chores will limit allergy risks.
  • Filters: Perhaps the most important tactic listed here is changing your HVAC filters, which should be done on a regular basis throughout the year for many reasons. Filters keep the air quality high and your HVAC components functioning optimally.

Other Air Quality Products

Finally, if you’ve done all the above and are still experiencing allergy or air quality risks, contact our team about our air quality products, which will clean either individual rooms or your entire house and leave you with nothing but healthy air. For more on air quality or any of our other HVAC services such as furnace installation or repair, speak to the staff at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.
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