HVAC-Related Areas for Preventing Dust Mite Invasion

HVAC-Related Areas for Preventing Dust Mite Invasion

For those with allergies, asthma or any other respiratory condition, air quality is even more of a vital concern than it already should be for the general population. Ensuring proper filtration, air flow and ventilation is important for ensuring air stays fresh and clean, and doesn’t include contaminants or allergens.

At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we’re here to offer several services related directly to indoor air quality in your home or building. In today’s blog, we’ll dig into several HVAC and other areas for people with a specific common allergy: Dust mites, which are particularly common during the spring and early summer period we’re in right now. Dust mites lead to itchy skin, hives, congestion, cold symptoms and even asthma attacks in those who are prone to them. Here are several pointers for preventing dust mites from entering your home through intelligent cleaning and use of your heating and cooling system.

Humidity Control

One of the simplest ways to limit or completely eliminate dust mites is to control the humidity in your home. Dust mites thrive in higher humidity environments, especially anything above 70 percent; however, they simply cannot survive when the humidity drops below 50 percent, and anything up to 55 percent will not encourage their growth.

If you’re concerned about dust mites, head to your local home improvement store and buy a basic humidity detector – they’re very cheap. From here, test the various rooms in your home for their humidity. If rooms are too high, consider purchasing a dehumidifier or simply leaving windows open for a few days to even things out.

Clean, Clear Ducts

One of the top areas for harboring several allergen types, including dust mite excrement or skin? Dirty, unkept air ducts. Not only will cleaning these regularly help keep your system functioning at peak capacity throughout the year, it will also limit any allergen deposits and help you control air quality more effectively.

Vacuuming Considerations

If you have carpet in your home, it should be vacuumed regularly for the sake of those with allergies. While doing so, if you’re one of the people in the home with allergies, we recommend wearing a mask and then leaving the room for a few minutes afterward.


We mentioned carpet above – if you’re moving into a new home soon and have a choice in the matter, we recommend hardwood flooring instead. If your current home has major dust mite or other allergy issues, you could consider replacing carpet with a hard floor.


On top of everything we’ve discussed here, it’s important to speak with our heating and air professionals about the ways you can go about preventing dust mites and other allergens from becoming a problem. We’re happy to offer high-level expertise on the proper filters needed, air purifier options, humidity control and any other areas you need assistance with.

For more on any of our air quality services, or to learn about our HVAC programs today, speak to the staff at Airtime Heating & Cooling.