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Four Easy Methods of Saving Energy this Winter

With the cold winter season looming just around the corner, it’s important to find out about the services you should try to help make your home more efficient. When your home runs more efficiently, you end up saving energy and money on your utility bill. Here are four easy methods for saving energy this winter.

1. Heavy Curtains

The most important thing for homes in the winter is to keep all of the heat inside of the home. One way some of the heat escapes from your home is through your windows. You can reduce some of this heat loss by investing in heavy curtains for your windows. Keep them closed during the bitter cold, and open them up when the sun shines to let in additional heat.

2. Programmable Thermostat

The next important tip is to consider installing a programmable thermostat. Instead of hovering over your thermostat for long periods of time, you can set it and walk away. When you’re on vacation or at work, you can lower the temperature of your home and save more energy.

3. Ceiling Fans

Next, it’s essential to have ceiling fans in the largest rooms of your home. Make sure you set the blades to spin clockwise during the winter, so the heat circulates better within the room. Keeping the heat flowing throughout your rooms is a great way to give your heating system a break.

4. Landscaping Services

Finally, landscaping services are another way to help control the amount of heat that stays inside of your home. Make sure your heating system is clear from extra growth of bushes or trees, so it can work more efficiently. Keep large tree branches and other growth away from vulnerable points of your home. You can feel cozy and warm all fall and winter if you make smart decisions about your home and its heating system. Be sure to recruit Airtime Heating and Cooling for all of your scheduled maintenance and repairs, so you can save even more money on your utility bill.

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