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Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Tune-Up


Ideally, a tune-up for your AC should be done once a year. It raises your unit’s operating efficiency, giving you two important benefits: enhancing the comfort of your home and keeping your utility costs down.There are about a dozen factors that can reduce your AC’s efficiency. Bent cooling fins, worn fan belts, damaged insulation, and other signs of wear and tear can all contribute to the loss of your unit’s cooling power.The good news is that there’s a simple solution to this problem: regular maintenance. At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we take a proactive approach in maintaining your AC’s function and efficiency.We offer a 17-Point Air Condition Tune-Up, covering the following:
  1. Check thermostat calibration
  2. Inspect installation quality
  3. Check unit condition, area, and clearances
  4. Check and test safety controls
  5. Check and fix electrical connections
  6. Lubricate all moving parts
  7. Check and inspect cooling cycle
  8. Check evaporator coil
  9. Examine condenser coil
  10. Check starting capabilities
  11. Clean condensate drains
  12. Check for correct airflow
  13. Measure amps and volts
  14. Clean or replace standard air filters
  15. Clean and adjust blower components
  16. Check and monitor refrigerant pressure
  17. Evaluate temperature difference between supply and return
For comfort and peace of mind, don’t wait until your AC breaks down. Keep it running at maximum efficiency all year round with a little help from the professionals.Airtime Heating & Cooling offers expert tune-up services in Draper, Riverton, and Bluffdale. Contact our technicians today.
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High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation
(801) 572-1900 High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation