Ways of Determining Air Conditioner Age

Ways of Determining Air Conditioner Age

There are a few pieces of information that might come in handy with regard to your air conditioning and HVAC system, and one of these in some cases is the age of the component itself. If you need the age of your AC unit for any reason, what are the simple ways of going about locating it?

At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we offer a wide range of AC and HVAC services to clients in Riverton, Lehi, Bluffdale and nearby areas, including air conditioner repairs, installations, tune-ups and more. Here's a primer on why AC unit age might matter to you, plus how to about finding it.

Why AC Unit Age May Be Important

There are a few reasons why the age of your AC unit might matter. If you're looking to replace an old system, for example, knowing how long it has been in service may help you plan the right replacement schedule. Additionally, if you are considering a warranty or service contract on a new system, having the age of your current unit can be helpful in determining what level of protection is best.

How do you find the age of your unit if it's needed? Our next few sections will go over your basic options.

Installation Date

If you have this information handy, it's the simplest way to determine the age of your AC unit. If you don't know when it was installed, however, you'll need to look elsewhere for clues.

Manufacturer's Serial Number

If an installation date is not available, you will likely have more success with a manufacturer’s serial number or model and part number. You can typically find this information on the product label of the component, which is usually found on the blower compartment.

For those who aren't aware, the blower compartment is the area that houses the blower motor and may also contain a fuse block or some other components. The product label will usually indicate whether it’s a furnace, air conditioner, thermostat, etc., and provide the model and part number.

Condenser Nameplate

If there's an issue finding your serial number or part number, maybe because the product label is worn down or has come off, you can always look for the condenser nameplate. This is usually attached to the side of an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit, and will typically have another copy of both the manufacturer's name and the serial number.

One note when looking at serial numbers: In nearly every case, the first four digits of the serial number refer to the year in which the unit was manufactured. With this information, you can easily figure out the age of your AC unit with minimal trouble.

For more on AC unit ages, or if you'd like to have a professional inspect yours, contact Airtime Heating & Cooling today. We serve clients in Riverton, Lehi, Bluffdale and beyond with high-quality HVAC services. We're standing by to take your call!