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Why Winter AC Service Makes Sense

It’s still winter in Utah, and your heating and air focus is squarely on keeping you and your family warm during these months. It’s far too early to begin thinking about spring and summer items like air conditioner installation or repair, right? Wrong. At Airtime Heating & Cooling, we’re here to tell you that now could be the perfect time to look into a new or replaced air conditioner. How could this be the case while winter is still here and warm months aren’t a real consideration yet? Let’s find out.

Installation Ease

From a raw logistics standpoint, installing a new or replacement air conditioner is much easier before the warmest months of the year get going. It’s easier for our workers to operate in non-sweltering conditions, and because most of the major processes come inside the home, there’s no concern about inclement weather disrupting installation. This is part of the reason many vendors, including Airtime, offer specials during this time of year.

Cost Savings

That’s a big chunk of the benefit, as well. Easier installation means it takes less time, which can mean the price is reduced. Many AC manufacturers also lower their costs or offer rebates during winter months, for similar reasons. We all want to spend less money on things like this, and installing now instead of later can accomplish this.

The Problem With “Trying it Out”

Many people choose to simply give the AC a little “test” period – the beginning of the warmer months, in other words. If things go wrong, the thinking goes, it’s simple enough to replace at that point. Here’s the problem with that: If issues don’t present themselves for a couple weeks or a month, you could be in some major trouble once they do. What happens if your system breaks down for good on a Sunday afternoon in mid-July? You’re stuck paying huge rates for emergency service, that’s what happens. Instead of all this, updating your system early can be a great way to avoid getting into that sort of pickle. Want to learn more about the right times for AC repair or installation, or any of our other heating and cooling solutions? Speak to the experts at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.
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High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation
(801) 396-2446 High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation