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Branded Air Humidifiers

Dry air may affect you and your family’s health and living experience. You need to maintain the optimum level of humidity inside your Utah home, especially during winter where humidity levels can get below 10%. A high quality air humidifier is a great addition to your living space.

Airtime Heating & Cooling is committed to providing effective solutions to your HVAC needs in Utah. We want you to enjoy a comfortable living environment all year round, which is why we offer some of the best brands of humidifiers on the market, including Aprilaire and Trane. Depending on the size of your room or house, we will provide and install the right unit to keep humidity at the optimum level (between 30% and 55%).

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Why Install a Humidifier?

Utah experiences extreme cold temperatures during winter, causing residents to keep their heating system on for longer periods. This makes the indoor air dry. Dry air can cause a variety of health problems, including irritated eyes, lungs, and throat. A humidifier supplies moist air, which is more comfortable and is safe for your family. It also keeps wood flooring and furniture from shrinking and swelling due to dry air.

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High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation
(801) 572-1900 High-Efficiency Experts / Service & Installation