Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Riverton, Utah

Heater Repair Services

Particularly during the colder periods of the year, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a failing heater or furnace. Not only can these leave you and your family uncomfortable and stressed, they can cause a significant problem for your wallet as well.

Luckily, the professionals at Air Time Heating & Cooling are here to help. Our furnace repair services in Riverton and surrounding areas are both fast and reliable, with experienced professionals who have spent years in the field. It doesn’t matter to us what the source of your issues are – whether your furnace or heating system is struggling due to simple aging wear-and-tear or some specific problem, we’ll locate the source of the problem and correct it. No temporary Band-Aids here; we’re only satisfied when we’ve identified the core cause of your issues and ensured they won’t take place again in the foreseeable future.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning air conditioner in the heat of summer – nothing, perhaps, besides AC repair services that aren’t prompt enough to handle the issue adequately. With our pros at Air Time Heating and Cooling, though, you’ll worry about neither.

At the first sign of conditioned air that isn’t at the quality level you expect, call our experienced professionals. We’ve got all the proper tools on hand to evaluate your HVAC system and locate the problem, then the expertise to decipher the proper course of action to correct it. If any chemicals like coolant are involved, our experts are trained and certified to provide these services – the same goes for any electrical or wiring components that may be involved.

Not only do these services benefit you and your family from a comfort standpoint, they do so from financial and safety angles as well. Well-maintained air conditioning components will last longer and perform more efficiently, lowering your utility costs each month. In addition, properly serviced home heating and air systems remove any risk of health or safety issues due to breakdowns.

Our Team

At Air Time Heating & Cooling, you’re guaranteed to have a friendly, experienced professional at your door quickly after you call us. Our workmanship is unmatched in the Riverton and surrounding areas – we only employ licensed, certified technicians with a long track record of quality service.

Best of all, unlike some of our competitors, we can work with and on any brand or model of HVAC component. Even if you’re working with a decades-old system that isn’t manufactured anymore today, our technicians have seen your system and know exactly how to approach it.

So if your home or building is in need of heating or air conditioning repair services, contact the pros at Air Time Heating & Cooling to set up an appointment today.

HVAC Services & Repair



Comprehensive AC or
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